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Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge – Day 3

Day 3 started for us at the end of Day 2 as we saw midnight come and go sitting under the stars on a nearby hill – yes we could hear the dingoes. The shooting star count was won by Therese who also discovered a new essential […]

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Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge – Day 2

I’ve just come in and 8 working dogs have been let off for a run, fed and either tied up or are back in their cages. The moon, a mere crescent, hangs low in the sky and from a nearby hill we can hear the dingoes howling. […]

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Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge – Day 1

Our first day on the road has been a big one! We left the mountain with the Bluedog truck not quiet packed to capacity a little before 5.30am. This was an hour after we had scheduled, and for that we can thank Miss Augustine and maybe a […]

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Photography Memories at Easter

With the coming of Easter 2010 this blog is a little more personal as my memories have been drawn back to when the Easter bunny that came to my house was replaced with the Easter Bilby.

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Highlighting your cause with Photography

We all have a cause. It’s usually something near and dear to us, something that rouses an emotion, holds relevance to our own particular cultural, spiritual or just ‘that’s my opinion’ belief.

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Memories are Forever – A Tribute to Samoa

After the past couple days and the devastation caused on the beautiful islands of Samoa, in the South Pacific, it has made me stop and reflect on my visit there earlier this year and the images I captured.

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Whale Photography

The Humpbacks are here! How and where is the best way to capture these giants of the deep? Along the coast of Queensland the mighty humpbacks are playing! They have come earlier this year and the numbers are way up! It’s the best year on record since […]

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Special Places for Photographers to Explore – Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world, a remarkable and changing landscape with diversity in flora and fauna, Fraser Island, is a photographers delight to visit. Little wonder it has been World-heritage-listed!

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Landscape Photography – Don’t Forget to Look Over Your Shoulder!

I often talk about looking over your shoulder while doing landscape photography and yesterday I experienced a classic example of this. I was out touring around on Thurlby Station, a 33,000 acre cattle property west of Charleville with Peta Debney and we thought there may be a […]

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Outback Folk – A Bloke I Met Yesterday

Outback characters are one of the special experiences visitors to the outback can encounter. Their colourful tales of a life filled with what they consider every day events leaves many of us living in today’s world amazed and enchanted.

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