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Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge – Day 1

April 16, 2010

Our first day on the road has been a big one! We left the mountain with the Bluedog truck not quiet packed to capacity a little before 5.30am. This was an hour after we had scheduled, and for that we can thank Miss Augustine and maybe a bottle or two of fine red while packing last night – am still wondering what clothes I may have packed.The run down the highway was uneventful except for Therese and I rating the tradies on their way to work – she’s a tough one on that! Then it was up the range to Toowoomba and beyond onto the long open roads and westward bound into the wide open spaces.

It’s been a day of new discoveries and new photography adventures for my travelling companions. Jake and Therese ventured into the water Steve Parish style photographing a water lily now extinct in its natural habitat at Chinaman’s Lagoon in Miles.

“This was sick. I would never have done this if Danielle had not ‘pushed’ me to do it. If I went there I would normally put my big lens on and just shoot from the bank and by going in I could try different angles and get a better shot,” said Jake.

Jake saw his first eagle in the wild, we photographed grass trees on a sandy remote track north of Roma, spotted camels and no doubt Therese and I have educated our junior travelling companion in many topics of interest outside of photography.

We are now settled on a 30,000 acre property north west of Injune at the foot of the magnificent Central Queensland Sandstone Belt. Our abode for the night is the “Tin Hilton’ (the shearer’s quarters) Mt Moffett looms high behind us, the dingoes are howling and the stars are twinkling so we are set for some star trails later tonight. Check you all tomorrow!

Please note: all images are being shot in RAW and jpeg but we are not editing on the road so only unedited jpegs are being loaded.

Jake  goes “Steve Parish’ style to capture a rare water lily.

Therese does not hesitate and hits the cool water to photograph the rare lilies.
(If Therese had not done this we may have had to push Jake!)

The Bluedog vehicle along the Graften Terrace Track north of Roma in Queensland.

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