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Landscape Photography – Don’t Forget to Look Over Your Shoulder!

June 5, 2009

I often talk about looking over your shoulder while doing landscape photography and yesterday I experienced a classic example of this. I was out touring around on Thurlby Station, a 33,000 acre cattle property west of Charleville with Peta Debney and we thought there may be a good sunset so picked a possie and crawled into the back of Peta’s 4WD ute.

We were right, the rain was looking like it was going to do one thing or another, drench us or go away and there was a band of cloud heading towards the horizon which we were hoping the sun would beat, and it did.

But while we waited we were treated to an array of colour as the clouds, sky and mulga covered country changed hues as the sun set. Then behind us we saw a rainbow trying hard to form against the storm clouds while the mulga glistened golden.

The whole scene didn’t stop changing and our heads were continually swivelling and my finger didn’t stop clicking.

Here are three from the arvo shoot – if you look closely at the one of the rainbow you can see the shadows of Peta and I as we stood in the back of the tray. Sorry these are also unprocessed but thought too good an example not to share. Yep I ended up soaked as well but hey it was worth it!

Peta and husband Justin have opened a camping/caravan ground on their station – Evening Star -am thinking this and Bonus Downs would be a great outback trip if anyone would like to tag along with me again. Check out www.eveningstar.com.au

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