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Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge – Day 3

April 18, 2010

Day 3 started for us at the end of Day 2 as we saw midnight come and go sitting under the stars on a nearby hill – yes we could hear the dingoes. The shooting star count was won by Therese who also discovered a new essential to take on any star trail shoot you do. As you may already know a bottle of fine red is a fundamental; we’ll now add to that a requirment to wear red clothing – the stains from Therese spilling more than what went in her mouth are a testament to this.Jake learnt photographers do long hours and the teen who needs so much sleep has now done a day with less than four hours sleep. It has been worth it as Jake nailed his first star trail and he keeps telling us, ‘it’s totally sick’. He’s on a steep learning curve: he now knows what the Southern Cross looks like, how to wash dishes (we hope his Mum is proud), how to resize images for the blog, and that cattle here are bred for meat not milk.

The countryside around Injune is the prettiest I have ever seen it. The rolling hills carpeted in an endless green of waving long grasses that reach upwards and nearly hide the cattle growing fat in their rich pastures. A heavy band of cloud hid Mount Hutton when we awoke this morning threatening more rain may be on the way. In fact, as we headed out of Injune a few rain drops splattered across the windscreen.

One of our main subjects today for photography was road kill and we can now add a Wedge Tail Eagle and Dingo to our list of road kill images and a wedgy feather now adorns the vent inside the Bluedog Discovery.

A highlight today for Therese was checking out the local ‘talent’ at the Injune Hotel. She found two hopefuls (see below!) but I took the opportunity to decline any offers.

We are now settled back at the homestead With Daggy and Puddy now back from their sojourn to Brisbane and yes we have a wine in our hands and are ready for another adventure tomorrow.

Therese chatting up the talent at the Injune Hotel.
‘On the Tune’.
Photo by Jake Campbell.

Jake taking the oppurtunity to get a photo of
a sleeping birdie.
Photo by Danielle Lancaster.

Doggie having a nanna nap – we have to stop Jake writing captions.
Photo by Jake Campbell.

Jakes first star trail.
Photo by Jake Campbell.

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