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Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge – Day 2

April 17, 2010

I’ve just come in and 8 working dogs have been let off for a run, fed and either tied up or are back in their cages. The moon, a mere crescent, hangs low in the sky and from a nearby hill we can hear the dingoes howling.
All part and parcel of our caretaking on the property we are staying on west of Injune. Coming back to Injune has meant catching up with friends and making new acquaintances at a Bluedog Beginner Workshop today. Any workshop at Injune is always accompanied by a great selection of home-baked goodies – these ladies know how to cook and keep our tummies full – many thanks!

Lunch seems to be a pub tradition and we headed for the Injune Hotel where Kay and Jodie looked after us all. This historic pub always has ringers, farmers and locals around ready for a friendly chat and to spin a yarn.

The workshop was challenging – no two cameras were the same. However that did not allow anyone the chance not to participate with the sparklers, as always being a huge hit – even for Therese.

For the first time during an Injune workshop we had an outing to the newly opened Henrick’s Park. The sandstone sculptures carved by locals mimic that of the surrounding Central Queensland Sandstone Belt including Carnarvon Gorge. This has to be a tourism feather in Injune’s growing crown. If you pass this way don’t miss stopping and having a look.

So what other highlights have we had today? For Jake as usual it is the food – he continually grazes and I am threatening to place him on a strict diet and exercise routine on our return. We restrained him from his pledge this morning of ‘going mental in the Spar’ (the local food store).

Therese and Jake continue their teenage bantering – a compliment for Therese who seems to relish in coming back with something quirkier then Jake each time. It’s a healthy competition I see gaining more momentum till our last leg of this journey.

The biggest highlight would have to be the wildlife. Huge wedge tailed eagles, roos and wallabies (we narrowly missed one this morning travelling into town) a bustard at the front gate and many more birds.

And tonight more wildlife awaits as we head to a nearby hill where we can hear the dingoes howling for a series of night photography shots. Of course us ‘big girls’ have a bottle of red ready to sample as it is a fundamental equipment requirement for any night shoot and yes Jake has a bag of food packed.

All photos by Therese Lillis

Danielle doing what she does best.
(shes not telling a joke)
Photo by Therese Lillis

And they tell us they are working!

Hanging with the locals.

Relaxing after a hard day at the homestead.

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