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Terms & Conditions

Guidelines for Facebook group membership:

1.    A closed group has been designed for Bluedog Photography participants who have subscribed to a Bluedog Subscription service. All participants in this group must maintain their subscription to remain in this group.

2.    The group is designed to give continued support, advice and constructive crit to all participants.

3.    At ALL times, we expect everyone to be: polite to others, respectful of others opinions and ideas, responsible for all comments (only constructive crit/comments will be accepted).

4.    There will be a limit of 1 photo per day per person for constructive criticism from peers, 1 per week from tutors, 1 per month for the monthly challenge.

5.    If you post an image, it is assumed you are after constructive criticism. Any rudeness or disrespect will not be tolerated.

6.    If you have a concern regarding any member or posting on this group, please PM (Private Message) an admin of the group so the matter can be looked into and if necessary addressed correctly.

7.    Admin/s have the right to remove any post or anyone at any time for failure to respect this participation agreement.

8.    In order to maintain the professional integrity of your relationship with Bluedog tutors we ask where possible that you refrain from sending Friend Requests or Private Messages to tutors. If you wish to connect with Bluedog tutors we ask you do this through professional applications such as LinkedIn. Please understand that we ask our tutors to also uphold this agreement, ensuring their professional integrity remains intact and as a result your Friend Request or Private Message may be ignored.

9.  Bluedog is in the business of photography workshops, tours, retreats and mentoring. We ask that you do not compete in anyway with these activities and refrain from arranging group shoots and similar outings with other members of this group. If you wish to arrange such activities please contact Bluedog and we will endeavour to assist you in an economically beneficial manner for both parties.

10. Lastly, this agreement is to ensure your experience with us is always safe, friendly and fun and that we all continue to learn and grow photographically.

We will continue to monitor this group closely and if necessary we will enforce the guidelines to maintain the maturity and smooth running of the group on a day to day basis. I hope that we are all adult enough to respect this. We are all here for the right reasons, to continue both your photography journey and ours and we are all happy to assist each other along the way.

 ” There is no such thing as a shared reality, meaning there is no such thing as a right or wrong, or fairness on collective levels. Know and understand this. Respect the fact that people disagree, and it’s impossible to have a winner. You don’t need to understand the reality of others, just respect.” Charlie Corn



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