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Santos Rant……

September 16, 2013

By Lisa Kurtz

Last week Bluedog held a workshop at the Santos Light Show in Southbank, Brisbane. We had a group of 9 people – 7 students and 2 tutors. David (my fellow tutor) and I arrived two hours prior to the show to assess and set up a location. We chose to be in front of the barge and as close to the riverfront as possible.

David and I immediately realised what had been stressed to us by Danielle on our run throughs: that we would need to keep our tripods low and close together so as not to take up too much space and our group seated to ensure the people who would be sitting behind us would be able to see the show and enjoy it. David and I also realised that we would need to stay low when we moved between our students  during the show to advise on settings  – again, to ensure that we did not impact the enjoyment of our fellow Light Show viewers.

Setting up behind us, also two hours before the event, were a number of families, groups of friends, couples etc who were on a grassy area that was wider than the riverfront space we had opted for. We saw this happening all along the river.

As our group arrived, we advised them that we would be shooting low and would remain seated for the show. The show started right on 7pm and we shot through to the finish – it was fast and furious, with the light changing constantly – but it was a lot of fun and everyone got some great images! And everyone behind us was able to see the show.

As we got up to leave for our next shooting location we walked past a number of other photography workshops being run and to my horror I saw tripods fully extended, pathways blocked, and groups of photographers standing up in front of people and obstructing their views. All in the name of getting a photograph!!

David and I shook our heads and couldn’t help but wonder if these inconsiderate photographers will ruin it for us for future Santos Light Shows – or all public events. Surveys were being done after the event by Brisbane City Council staff and I’m sure they would have received a number of complaints about the photographers. Hell, I know I would have complained!

Is there a purpose for this blog, apart from a rant?? Yes, please, as photographers, remember the non-photographers in our midst when we’re at public events and in your quest for a great photo don’t ruin someone else’s joy. A little bit of courtesy goes a long way…
For more info on this awesome event visit Santos-glng-city-of-lights


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