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Protecting your camera gear in wet weather

February 20, 2015

It is true, some of the best photography occurs during the worst weather.

How is the best way to protect your camera (and cheapest) from the sorrowing elements of the wet.

  1. If shooting in light rain use a rain sleeve or as an alternative a plastic shopping bag and rubber band as seen in this video at about 5.09 mins into this videoCapture_12
  2. Place silica packs in your camera bag: check and replace these regularly.
    We suggest emptying all packs out and checking for any that may have broken. After throwing those out, place the rest on a baking tray in the oven at 180 degrees for five minutes and no longer! During this time vacuum the inside of your camera bag.
  3. Use your lens hood. Most think a lens hood is for a sunny day but they also protect our lenses from rain drops.
  4. When at home keep your gear well ventilated. What you don’t want is mould forming and transferring to one lens and another and bodies by changing lenses.
  5. Have insurance. If you are working or playing and your gear is worth anything check your insurance. Household policies have limits and upgrading is an option for a reason.Check out our tips for shooting in a humid environment and what’s in our bag for more tips on protecting you and your gear and a little environmental tip for your walk.

For more ideas on water protecting for your gear  and you visit http://www.adorama.com/alc/0008477/article/100-in-100-Part-II-Flood-Insurance

About the author:
Danielle Lancaster is a professional photographer and a director at Bluedog Photography.
Danielle works as a feature photo-journalist, conducts photography courses, retreats and tours and supplies a range of imagery for corporate and private clients. She loves sharing her passion of photography with others.
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