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Insuring Your Equipment When Away From Home

July 2, 2013

Guest blog by Lisa Kurtz

Now that you have booked your holiday or tour you need to make sure your camera equipment is going to be adequately insured while away from home.

There are a number of avenues you can look in to, which we have listed below. The most important distinction to make is between an Insurance policy that covers your equipment (and does so while you are on holidays overseas) and a Travel Insurance policy that covers your equipment only for the duration of your trip.

Please understand that this information is by no means a recommendation, and you must thoroughly investigate all possible avenues open to you to make the decision that is most suitable for your needs.

Current Home and Contents Insurance
You may find that your Home and Contents Insurance policy covers your equipment when you are on holidays. Contact your insurance provider and ask the question.

Camera Club Insurance – e.g. http://cameraclubinsurance.com.au/
This is equipment insurance offered at a discount for Camera Club members. We do not endorse this particular insurer, and there may be a number of companies offering discounted insurance policies to Camera Club members.

Specialised Photographers Insurance
e.g. https://business-insurance.aon.com.au/Professions/Entertainment/Photographers.aspx

This is equipment and public liability insurance tailored for professional photographers. We do not endorse this particular insurer, and there may be a number of companies offering similar policies.

Travel Insurance
This insurance covers your equipment for the duration of your trip. It is important, for all insurance policies, to check the fine print.

Based on our experience with equipment insurance there are some specific areas to address in any policy covering your equipment:

• Are you covered overseas, and will it be for the duration of time you are away

• What is your policy’s definition of a “camera”? In many policies it is deemed to be a camera body and any attached lens – you may need to consider listing your lenses as specified items to ensure they are adequately covered.

• Look out for exclusions of “fragile” items and ensure none of your equipment is defined as “fragile”

• Does your policy cover accidental loss, theft and damage? Understand your policy’s definitions of these terms.

• Are there any specific instructions you need to follow when travelling that if you did not follow could void your claim e.g. you must not leave your equipment unattended in a public place, you must not leave your equipment overnight in a motor vehicle, your equipment must not be stored as checked-in luggage on the flight etc

• Are there any specific instructions you need to follow when making a claim e.g. report within a certain number of hours, obtain copy of police report

• Understand the maximum claim limits and ensure these are adequate

• Understand the replacement versus repair clauses of your policy

• Understand if you can use your own repairer – some camera warranties could be voided if repaired by a non-manufacturer-authorised repairer

We strongly recommend you insure your equipment appropriately, giving you peace of mind during your holiday or tour.

And above all enjoy that time away capturing marvellous memories and images!

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