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Instagram Photo Tip: Landscape

November 23, 2014

Does the Rule of Thirds apply when taking a landscape for Instagram?

By Danielle Lancaster

My answer is it depends….

With most landscapes this does apply. Ask yourself what is the most important: is it the land/sea or the sky?

If it’s the land or sea place your horizon along the top third of your image area and if it’s the sky place you horizon along the bottom third.

When can we break this rule? When we have a perfect reflection.

Instagram crops to square – 650 x650px – so it is really important to view your scene in the square format as not all long sweeping landscapes suit the square format.

Your photographs will always look more dynamic if there is some frontal focal element or you use another strong compositional element such as leading line.

3rds grid B_1400







Image 1 (above): The original image full frame

3rds grid B_650










Image 2 (above): Image 1 resized for Instagram at 650x650px square

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