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Food photography tips for Christmas

December 22, 2018

Food photography tips for Christmas

Christmas is a festive season for many and food plays a huge part as we come together with family and friends. No matter where that is: be in a flash house or soup kitchen catering for the homeless, there are amazing images to be taken of food.

Kerry Heaney, an award-winning Australian food blogger and travel writer shares some of her tips for photographing food at this time of the year.

1 – Get in close

As Danielle Lancaster from Bluedog, once told me, ‘cut the crap’. Isolate your subject and don’t make the scene too busy.

photo-2-001_kerry HeaneyImage courtesy Kerry Heaney

2 – Shoot from different angles

I will often do two to three images from different angles and I am always looking at the light falling on the food. If I need to move a plate or drink into better light, then I will.

48182247_10158000300729689_5071796205466419200_o_ Kerry HeaneyImage courtesy Kerry Heaney

3 – Do it quick!

Most of the food I photograph I also want to taste,so that means working fast, knowing my camera settings and how to use them for the light I am in and the subject I am photographing.

Sofitel MelbourneImage courtesy Kerrry Heaney

3-Use something relevant to demonstrate your image and a theme

Whatever the season is, use something relevant to demonstrate your image and the theme. For example, with Christmas, a little tinsel or a few baubles can add colour and work towards creating your theme,  but don’t overdo it, as then it becomes tacky and far too busy.

Three quick tips from Danielle on food photography

1- Use a large aperture

This create a small depth of field (DOF) and therefore isolate the main subject. For example f/5.6  to f?2.8 is ideal. If you have the twin lens kit choose the longer lens and zoom in. You will have to stand a little further back but you can create much more blur and emotion to you image thena your wider lens.

2 – Keep your images simple

Don’t overcrowd the image with too much and use those trusty composition tools to guide the eye around your image and not out of it.

3 – Make it fun

Don’t forget to make it fun – take a video of the carving, a tasting, maybe someone has ventured  into the fridge to steal one of those rum balls or to dip a finger to taste test the pudding and you catch them!

Above all have a fabulous holiday and safe Christmas and be careful as the girth can grow.


About Kerry Heaney

Kerry is an award-winning travel writer who is best known for her food and travel writing. Visit her blog for the latest tips: EatdrinkandbeKerry

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