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Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge – Day 5 – 7

April 22, 2010

Better late than never and we are still before 12 midnight:

We returned to ‘Cobbadah’ homestead last night after two days in Carnarvon Gorge and of course ‘out of contact’. Before we left for our trip to Carnarvon the Bluedog truck had to go through a wash down to rid it of any Parthenium – a weed of national significance that has invaded much of the country side here. Unfortunately it looks a lot like Baby Breath and therefore often picked by tourists and easily transported to other regions.

Then a quick stop at Injune to stock up on necessitates such as chocolate, picnic bars, yes a little fruit and easy snacks to carry for our hikes we then headed further north into the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt.

Our first stop on the way was to a site on the Dawson River where Aboriginals sat hundreds of years ago sharpening their axes and spears. Imprinted in the rocks alongside the river the ancient grooves were readily recognisable.

We obviously forgot to tell Jake the bit about the ancient part as he was very excited to look at buying his Dad an axe from the ‘axe factory’ and after a 15 minute walk into the site and his comment, ‘so will they be open now?’, we realised we maybe could have explained this better.

We also explored a ‘possumer’s’ cave used during the depression when local men would hunt possums for their skins. These caves built within the sandstone under hangs were used to dry skins by using cyanide when the season was officially closed. Protected by the elements of weather the man made caves looked like they had been built yesterday.

Onto Carnarvon we went with Jake all the time learning more and more Australian history and eagerly listening to Puddy who had joined us telling many stories of life on the land. We were also joined by Darren Mansfield who had done the photography workshop and just returned from Cambodia doing volunteer work.

Over the next two days we explored Carnavon Gorge and all its wonders: the Moss Garden, the amphitheatre, saw ancient palms, giant King Ferns, numerous birds, whip tail wallabies, a very fat green tree snake and Darren was disappointed to find the walk to Aljon Falls, one of his favourite child hood Carnarvon haunts, near Wards Canyon now closed.

It was almost sunset when we emerged from the gorge yesterday afternoon and the air was already taking on the coolness of early autumn. The drive back to the property took us almost two hours of dodging roos, missing cattle by a hair and whisker and more eager chatter amongst us all.

We bid Puddy and Daggy farewell this morning and headed into Roma to the fat cattle sale as my travelling companions had never been to a cattle sale before. Therese went hunting for hectares in earnest and I for candid character portraits. Once again cameras were clicking away by all of us.

As we head home today we are reminiscing on our trip: the highlights outweigh the negatives – actually there are no negatives. Therese has taken the wheel so I can finish our blog and is steering the Bluedog truck on a course due east.

I have trialled a new tripod – the first day cursing and swearing at it and nearly throwing it into the next paddock until I realised what it could do. The first on the market designed by a women and I’m keen to put it through more paces. We tested 2 Lowpro bags – one may yet stay in the kit.

Jake has had a steep learning curve in rural life and Australian history. He now knows what a Birdsville is, that Bourke and Wills have done more than make swags, and there is life beyond the Sunshine Coast hinterland. He has taken the sledging on board and given plenty himself. And while we do give him heaps he is an enthusiastic student and I am proud of my choice in he and Augustine – they will indeed make a formidable team.

We must thank the people of Injune – your fabulous hospitality will see us return to your wonderful country town and thanks to everyone that has followed our blog. Next week another trip is planned to…….

Roma Sale Yard Character Portrait
By Danielle Lancaster

The Amphitheatre
By Danielle Lancaster

We bid farewell to ‘Cobbadah’
Photo by Puddy Chandler

A micro section of the Moss Gardens.
Photo by Danielle Lancaster

And how did this get in?
On the track through Carnarvon with Darren Mansfield in background.
Photo by Jake Campbell

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