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And the lessons just keep coming…. A Guest Blog By Augustine Mathews

February 26, 2011

There is a lot to be said for the ‘hospitality of the outback’. There is a magical quality to the air and I think that it must rub off on the people who live here. (A lady today told me it is the dust and that there is nothing magical about dust, it just involves a lot of cleaning).In the 2 days I have been in the St George region I have met so many wonderful people. Yesterday Danielle took me out to meet some friends that have a place a little way out of town. That should read as a 52,000 acre property 60+km from town!

Rounding a corner on the dusty scrub sided road we came to Rosehill Station and the oasis that is the home of the Beardmores. Elaine had started baking as soon as she heard we were coming and John was warming up the vocal chords to spin a few yarns. I have to say that Elaine bakes a mean jam drop biscuit and their home was peaceful and relaxing. Listening to John relate stories from his youth (which was a little while ago) took me on a journey to a time that was full of adventure and the thrill of property life. I was filled with city girl envy for those times and the different-ness of life on the land.

Danielle, John and Elaine

Image by Augustine Mathews

Today we got to meet 18 keen photography students who were participating in our regional St George workshop. I am quite comfortable speaking to groups while teaching and can get a real flow up as I explain about the rural scene depicted in many of our power point slides. Today, however, was different. There is something slightly off-putting about telling country folk about the cattle sale yard photos when I know they know more about it than I do. And of course Danielle had filled them with tales of my wide eyed city girl wonder. I have to say though, no one laughed at me, only with me and reaffirmed my love of all things country. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings J

P.S. For those frog lovers – head out this way. There are green tree frogs everywhere.

Image by Augustine Mathews

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