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An interview with Bluedog Tutor and Photographer Anita Bromley

December 10, 2012

And another of our Bluedog Photography tutor interviews this time from Anita Bromley who toady is jet setting off to the UK for Christmas.

Q. Tell us briefly your photography journey to date.
A. My interest in photography grew after my first son was born in 2003 and I found myself at a Bluedog Beginners Workshop wanting to learn how to control my camera more. From there I did numerous Bluedog workshops and continued to learn and love photography. In 2010 I launched my business ‘Splash Photography’ where I specialise in portraits, newborns and corporate events. Quite ironic seeing I once used to say ‘I don’t do (photograph) people’ !

Q. What inspires you – photographically?
A. I love long exposures, night photography and light painting – capturing things you don’t see with the naked eye. Photographer Lance Keimig inspires me to get out, be creative and play.

Q. What is a highlight of 2012?
A. Introducing my husband Grant to Siem Reap, Cambodia – the place and it’s people along with rediscovering my love for Outback Qld on Bluedog’s Outback Odyssey tour this year. Such an amazing place we have just in our backyard.

Q. Do you have a ‘most memorable’ moment to date?
A. Considering I’ve sat here for the past 10min trying to think of just ONE I would have to say there are too many to have any one in particular in the ‘most memorable’ category!
Q. What lens can’t you live without?
A. 24-70mm f2.8. It’s my ‘go to’ lens.

Q.  What is your favourite type of shoot (and why)?
A. Newborns, newborns, newborns! I love the smallness of them, their smell, their teeny little toes, fingers, ears, nose & lips. I love how in that very moment they have their whole wide world in front of them. That they will grow and change so quickly, each day, week, month, year……… I love how they give parents a new perspective on life.

Image by Anita Bromley

Q.  What do you do in your spare time?
A. Spare time…..that sounds familar?? Lol. Whenever I get any spare time the only thing I want to do is hang out with my 3 boys (husband + 2 sons) and my friends.

Q.   What’s your best 2012 photography advice or quick tip?
A. Think about what you want to capture before you click the shutter. Image the outcome and think about the settings you need to achieve it.

Q. What are your plans or highlights for 2013?
A. I have so many plans for 2013! Revisiting the outback and Cambodia (I’ve fallen in love with both), putting the final touches on my Studio in early Jan, continuing to learn and push myself photographically, to start a few personal photographic projects, to find and connect with photographers who inspire me, to watch my husband realise a long term dream and finally (and not least) to spend more quality time with my family. *Phew!* See why that spare time thing is so foreign to me ;)

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Images by Anita Bromley

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