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A glorious day in the sun on Queensland’s Gold Coast

March 26, 2011

By Danielle Lancaster

I have to skite, please let me do it just once. I have had a wonderful morning here on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

First up after breakfast, was a visit to Seaworld. Yes, I’ve seen the shows before and the dolphins performing all their tricks, however this was something special as today I got to pat and feed a dolphin in one of the dolphin lagoons under a clear blue sky. A first and wow it was awesome.Also in this lagoon was a mother and her baby. Curious to their new visitors, it was almost as if they wanted to chat and tease me with a splash as if asking me to join them. Now on my list of must-do’s is to return and swim with them. They were just too cute, posing for the camera, jumping and playing.

There are some new attractions to Seaworld: an underwater viewing area of tropical fish and sharks and there are some big sharks (with much bigger teeth) plus a new 12million dollar attraction with penguins. Listening to children squeal in delight as the penguins swam to them blowing bubbles was precious. While in the ‘above’ ice viewing area penguins paraded up and forth, some moulting and standing guard while others continued a nonstop dive, swim, jump and plop. I could have watched them all day.

What’s happening over there?

Next the others in my crew headed for a surf lesson as I attended to a bit of personal business and am now preparing for an afternoon flight in one of the Cloud9 Seaplanes. A couple of years ago I gave my children a set of 3 learn to surf lessons for Christmas. I remember well their ravenous hunger afterwards and exhaustion and now I wonder if my fellow travellers will be the same when I join them this arvo. It was a present they all enjoyed immensely and one I’d recommend.

My top tip for your photography at Seaworld is use a polariser! For the dolphins and through the viewing windows it will make a great deal of difference to your images! If you have a point and shoot or iPhone try using your polarised sunglasses. And when you go, say hello to the dolphins for me:)

For more info on Queensland’s Gold Coast:
Gold Coast Tourism http://www.visitgoldcoast.com/
Queensland holidays http://www.queenslandholidays.com.au/
Images by Danielle Lancaster (C)

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