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An interview with Bluedog Tutor Lisa Kurtz

December 26, 2012

We continue with our questionnaire to team members in the Bluedog kennel. Today the lovely and talented Lisa Kurtz, based in Brisbane gives us her answers.  

Q. Tell us briefly your photography journey to date. 
A. Always into photography, but the turning point was when my husband gave me my first digital camera 11 years ago for a birthday present. It was the catalyst for a career and life change.

Q. What inspires you – photographically?
Italy has always been a source of inspiration and I imagine it will continue to be forever. On a personal level, it is the desire to photograph my son and his ever-developing spirit. 
Q. What is a highlight of 2012?

A. As corny as this sounds, becoming part of the Bluedog team and beginning my personal project on the anonymity of the streets (b&w). 

Q. Do you have a ‘most memorable’ moment to date?
Yes – through a series of unfortunate events my camera and I were separated from each other during a recent trip to Sydney. I was forced to use a 3-megapixel phone camera (no, not even an iphone camera) and this taught me two things – if you take photography back to its basics you can even take decent photos on a 3-megapixel camera, and that not having my “real” camera made me free to experiment and take risks… in short, it was a wonderful experience!

Q. What lens can’t you live without?
24-70 2.8 – wide enough for travel, and because I use my feet it is also perfect for my style of portraiture. I know it was only meant to be 1 lens, but I would try and sneak my 50mm 1.8 in as well for those low light situations.

Q.  What is your favourite type of shoot (and why)?
Children. They test your photographic limits every time as, by their very nature, they never do what you expect them to!

Q.  What do you do in your spare time?
I go to art galleries, I take photos of my family and friends, I talk regularly with my mother and grandmother who live interstate.

Q.   What’s your best 2012 photography advice or quick tip?
Travel light with the least possible gear. You really don’t need it all! (But if you travel light, make sure it’s with fast lenses…)

Q. What are your plans or highlights for 2013?
 I am going on the Bluedog Japan tour and I know already this will be wonderful. Of course, I am also off to Italy which is always a highlight.

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A few of us will be joining Lisa on her Capture Italy tour in May 2014.

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All images (C) Lisa Kurtz

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